Comic Con 2013

It’s over! This was my second Comic Con and like my first I was covering it for work, but I had a lot of fun and I even managed to squeeze in a few panels and events that I was personally interested. Such as…


…getting Greg Ruckas’s signature! While I was waiting in the line I told myself that I would be cool, that I wouldn’t get either fangirly or weepy. And I rehearsed what I was going to say: “I just wanted to say I was pretty upset when a few weeks ago some other comic book writers said that comic books ‘follow society, they don’t lead,’ and I just wanted to thank you for helping to prove that wrong.” And I delivered that without a hitch. Rucka shook his head and said “You know, those were a couple of straight white dudes acting like straight white dudes.” Wooo! Then he was still writing and I said I liked his Tumblr, how he often linked to science articles relating to the science fiction of Lazarus. He said Michael Lark, Lazarus‘ artist, was around, and I responded I’d be at his panel tomorrow (Sunday). At this point I was off the script, and I started panicking. Then I saw what he wrote in my Lazarus book: “Walk your talk,” and I caught the words “honor” and “pride” in the Batwoman comic and I almost started crying right there. So at this point the stuff is signed and I go in for a handshake and a last “Thank you.” Then Rucka notices my shirt (a tee with the White Tree of Gondor on it) and says “Awesome shirt.” I laughed, nervously, too loudly, and bolted.

It took me a few steps to get my bearings back, and then I pushed through the crowd to Newsarama’s sky booth, where I sat in the corner like a little kid, took deep breaths, snapped the above pictures and promptly Tweeted them.

I bought both of those paperback graphic novels at the convention; Lazarus I’ve been buying digitally but I wanted something I could get signed, and I hadn’t read Rucka’s Batwoman, published before the New 52 in Detective Comics. I also bought the two trade paperbacks for Matt Fraction’s  Hawkeye. Hence, the state of my bed on Sunday morning:



My other convention adventures include: a hands-on with The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and a panel on the game hosted by Eiji Aonuma. The game looks really great and I’m so excited to play it next month. Just one thing: at the panel, Aonuma revealed that Hyrule has a mirror counterpart called…wait for it…Lorule. But that isn’t even my one thing. My one thing is that the princess of Lorule, Princess Zelda’s counterpart, is named Princess Hilda.

So, like, Sabrina the Teenage Witch?


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