I’m Still Playing Pokémon Crystal

I’d been meaning to start a new game of Pokémon Crystal for a while. To be honest, I thought it would make a good article. But I also wanted to play just for my own sake. Because the first time I tried to play Pokémon Crystal as a kid, I was–for reasons I didn’t really understand until much later–unable to finish. That’s how this article in Unwinnable Magazine issue #10 came to be. I wrote about my experiences playing Pokémon Crystal in 2014, and contrasted them to playing the game in 2001. Unlike my previous Unwinnable Weekly Magazine article, the piece is freely available online, so you don’t need a subscription to read it.  The Unwinnable folks even made this adorable gif to go with it! Vulpix

The article went live in August. Since then, I’ve continued to play Pokémon Crystal: I got all eight badges, caught Suicune, and am making my way into Kanto. My best Pokémon are Engineer the Magneton, Cyndi the Typhlosion, and Khan the Gengar (Gengar Khan! Like Genghis Khan! Get it?), and I’ve used the Exp. Share to rapidly level up a newly hatched Vulpix named Rokon. But about a month ago I hit a problem. My GameBoy Color was running low on batteries. So was my ancient, battery-powered Xbox 360 controller. So I went to my box-0-electronic-stuff (literally the cardboard box my electric teakettle came in, now full of random wires and plugs and adapters) and found that I only had two double-A batteries left. I had a choice to make. I chose the Xbox 360 controller. I will still finish Pokémon Crystal. Some day.

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