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Who Watches the Watcher? The ‘Moralizing Gaze’ in The Walking Dead (Unwinnable Weekly Magazine Issue 18, 10/10/2014)

GamerGate Is About Harassment and Exclusion, Not Ethics (Tom’s Guide Op-Ed, 9/16/2014)

Give Me Games Podcast #3: Rise of the Exclusives (As a guest, Tom’s Guide, 8/29/2014)

Catching ‘Em All: Looking Back on Pokemon Crystal (Unwinnable Weekly Magazine Issue 10, 8/15/2014)

Hackers Explain How to Win at Hearthstone (Tom’s Guide, 8/10/2014)

‘We All Become’: Posthumanism in Transistor (Unwinnable Weekly Magazine Issue 6, 7/18/2014)

Look on My Works, Ye Mighty, and Get Dressed (Unwinnable Weekly Magazine Issue 4, 6/27/2014)

The Ghosts of Gone Home (Unwinnable Weekly Magazine Issue 2, 6/12/2014)

Could Watch Dogs‘ City Hacking Really Work? (Tom’s Guide, 5/30/2014)

Fight Like a Girl: The Walking Dead’s Leading Lady (Tom’s Guide, 5/18/2014)








Why Reason Magazine is Wrong About Games and Libertarianism (Paste Magazine, 5/13/2014)

Too Much Face Time: Cutscenes in Thief (Unwinnable, 3/13/2014)

Am I the Novelist? (Unwinnable, 2/20/2014)

Hands-On with the Elder Scrolls Online Beta (Tom’s Guide, 2/7/2014)

How to Dual-Boot SteamOS (Tom’s Guide, 2/4/2014)

“But, Alas, She Is a Woman”: Sex, Power and High Society in Dunwall (Sneaky Bastards, Dec. 2013) (not available online)

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone: The History of The Legend of Zelda (Tom’s Guide, 12/24/13)

Why Female Call of Duty Characters Aren’t a Tech Breakthrough (Tom’s Guide, 8/16/13)

What the Xbox Press Event Rape Joke Says about the Gaming Industry (TechNewsDaily, 6/11/13)

Science and Speculation: Digitized Memories of Remember Me May Be Possible (TechNewsDaily, 6/19/13)

‘Beyond Two Souls’ Video Game Challenges Screen Actors (TechNewsDaily, 4/29/13)

One Hundred Twenty-Three and Counting (Unwinnable, 4/9/13)

 “That girl is kicking our asses!”: Tomb Raider’s (Lack of) Gendered Power Plays (The Border House, 3/27/13)

The Ancient Roots of Role-Playing: Edward III’s Medieval LARP (Nightmare Mode, 03/20/13)

Game On at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Unwinnable, 3/4/13)

The Playstation 4 Expo: Wednesday’s Reveal and the Internet Aftermath (The Border House, 2/25/13)

Tetris: The Soviet Union’s Sleeper Agent (Unwinnable, Soviet Week 2/18/13)

Ocarina of Time Gone By (Unwinnable, 1/29/13)

Final Fantasy X-Ray: It’s Stories All the Way Down (Unwinnable, 12/3/12)

Furdiburb takes pet simulators to the next level (The Border House, 12/3/12)

My Unfinished Swan (Unwinnable, 11/19/12)

Planting Seeds: A mobile game that supports Kenyan women (Nightmare Mode, 11/11/12)

Seeds: A ‘serious game’ connecting U.S. smartphone users to Kenyan businesswomen ( The Border House, 10/16/12)

Ken Levine ’88 Discusses Career as Game Developer (Miscellany News, 2/25/10)

Nintendo’s Latest Well-Designed, Poorly Implemented (Miscellany News, 2/2/2012)

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