*Real* First Post

When I tell people my college majors—media studies and medieval/renaissance studies—nine times out of ten the response is an impressed “Huh!” and then “What are you going to do with that?

Two or three years ago I would have been quick to assure them that medieval/renaissance studies was just my “for fun” major, and that I was pursuing a “legitimate” career like marketing or business.

In the past couple months, though, I’ve changed my answer. I’ve started saying “I want to be a writer.” And then I blush and mumble something about videogames and  medieval Europe and “new media” (whatever that means), and change the subject.

It’s true, though! I’ve been an amateur writer in some form or another since I was a little kid. More recently I’ve built up a portfolio of articles for news outlets like NBCNewYork and Vassar’s Miscellany News.  And I’ve gotten some good reviews–one friend congratulated me for making videogames sound interesting! I’m proud of these and many other pieces archived under ‘Articles’ on this site.  And now that I’ve graduated and my thesis is submitted, I’ll have the time to fill out the rest of these sections as well.  There’s already a bit under ‘Videogames’ about a game some programmer friends and I are working on this summer, tentatively titled Project Quietude.

It might not be much, but it’s a start! I hope I’ll soon be chronicling other projects on this site as well. And hopefully some of you will check them out!

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